Access Control

Access control is a way to prune who has access to your building. The same can be accomplished with keys and locks, but then there is always the fact that keys can be lost, stolen, or copied. Every organization has items that need to be protected from unfettered access, and even items that might be sought after by potential exploiters or thieves. By using electronic access control, a company can lock down expensive or valuable assets. Locks will no longer need to be changed, keys will no longer need to be cut and handed out and tracked.

Instead, you can electronically program your employees access, even adding and removing specific access areas at a moments notice. Another benefit of access control is that the doors normally stay locked during the day- even with employees, vendors, and friends coming and going. You can lock or unlock areas and doors based on schedules, times, or even presence. All of these items help secure your business against the greatest threat to any business- unauthorized human access.

ProWatch Access Control

James River Communications is an authorized integrator for Honeywell Access, a leading company in the securities industry. Here are some major benefits of using ProWatch Access Systems:

  • Reliable, high quality systems: We are confident of our quality and back our products with a 5-year guarantee. Our guarantee.
  • Systems that are incredibly easy to use: Minimal training required for administrators.
  • Systems that are designed to grow with your needs: You can add doors as and when needed.
  • ProWatch Software: No hidden/unexpected costs or per seat licences. Software can be installed on as many workstations as required.
  • Free software upgrades: ProWatch software upgrades are free! You are able to take advantage of new features that will be of benefit to you.

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